Let Go Legal offers convenient, affordable record expungement

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Fair and transparent pricing

Let Go Legal offers some of California’s lowest prices when it comes to post conviction relief. And unlike many attorneys, we don’t charge extra for probation violations. What’s more, we offer price matching—nobody undersells us for these services. There are no hidden fees with Let Go Legal. The price you see is the price you pay.

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No Fees For Probation Violations

Say you wanted a misdemeanor expungement that cost $500, but you violated probation three times. Some attorneys that offer the same legal services as Let Go Legal will actually impose an additional fee for violations of probation, or even additional fees for each violation of probation. That means if an attorney imposes a fee of $200 for probation violations, your $500 expungement becomes $700, and if an attorney imposes a fee of $200 for each probation violation, your $500 expungement becomes $1,100. This is nonsense. At Let Go Legal, there are no additional fees if you violated probation. Let Go Legal does not use your past to our advantage – we help you obtain relief at a fair price.

Price Matching

At Let Go Legal, we offer price matching for any of our services. If another attorney quoted you a price for your relief, not only will we match that price, but we will undercut their price. Please note that any price matching must be done before Let Go Legal begins rendering service. After payment has been accepted and service has started, there is no price matching.